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Talal Saint-Lot

Talal has been an active athlete his entire life having participated in organized competitive basketball, soccer, volleyball, Shotokan karate, water polo, and traithlon racing during his lifetime. He grew an interest in the benefits of meditation, breathing and stretching while training and was introduced to yoga by his wife, Elena. Yoga has become the centerpiece and foundation of Talal’s active lifestyle ever since he checked into his first yoga class at Blissful Spirits. Talal began instructing at Blissful Spirits after completing the 200HR Blissful teacher training program in 2017.

Talal believes that yoga is more than a personal journey through which one grows their awareness to the connection existing between the mind, body, and breath but it is also process of transforming the self-identity and way of interacting with the world. Talal understands that humanity faces the threat of
growing inequality, a deteriorating natural environment, and a disjointed society. He feels that he can help counteract by sharing yoga with others and contribute toward growing the universal human connection to one another, nature, and the world

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