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Blissful Spirits is dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible in your journey of self-care. Our amazing instructors are streaming LIVE classes on our Mindbody platform just for you! Click Sign Up Now to find our schedule and to register. 

Once registered for class, follow these steps to join us on our virtual platform.


Step 1.  Register for your virtual streaming class, you will register through your Mindbody account. Once registered, you will receive a class confirmation email, and 30 minutes prior to your class you will receive a link to connect you via Zoom! Note: you can only join a live stream late if you register for the class prior to its start, we recommend you register at least 5 minutes before start time.

Empty yoga studio

Step 2. Decide which browser or device you'll use to attend class. Live stream classes work better on some devices or browsers than others. Check the table at the bottom of this page to see which browser will work best for you.


Step 3. Log in to the live stream class and set up your camera and preferences (including access to audio and video on your device, choose Allow.) If class hasn't started yet, you'll hang out in a waiting room. When you're ready to join the class, click Join at the top. Your mic should automatically be muted, if not, please mute your mic when joining the class.

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