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Laura Buckley

Laura Buckley

Laura is and always has been allergic to exercise. But when she finally gave yoga a REAL chance she found that, while it might kick your a$$ from time to time, it's much more of a work IN than a work OUT. Then she was hooked.

As a teacher, Laura strives to create a lighthearted environment devoid of competition, judgment, expectation, etc. so that students have a safe place to explore their bodies, their practices, and their personal spiritual identities, to breathe, and to FEEL whatever they need to in any given moment. Whether it's a super gentle yin class or a more challenging 90-minute hot one, all levels are welcome and EVERYTHING is optional.


Laura uses music, lots of breath and alignment cues, hands-on adjustments, and her authentic (somewhat non-traditional) point of view to encourage students to empower themselves to take each step at their own pace, to feel safe, supported, and loved, to dig deep and be willing to embrace their full potential on and off the mat.

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