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Kristen Case

Kristen was first introduced to yoga her freshman year of high school and was amazed by how positively this practice impacted her life. She found that in yoga there are no toxic ideas of winning or losing, it is all a personal journey. Where you are in your practice is exactly where you are supposed to be. She learned to respect the journey and be proud every step of the way. After a couple of years of doing yoga at her school she craved a daily practice and ventured out to find a local studio. This is when she found Blissful Spirits. This studio gave her the opportunity to make yoga a part of her everyday life and connect with the amazing community that over the years have become like family to her. When Blissful Spirits announced they were hosting a one month intensive teacher training the summer after she graduated high school, she felt like it was fate. This training was truly the best month of her life and she misses this experience every single day. After graduating from teacher training in July of 2017 she has had the honor of teaching at Blissful Spirits alongside her best friends and mentors.


Kristin loves sharing her passion for yoga with her students and hopes they too will fall in love with their own yoga journeys just as she did years ago! Kristen is currently studying business at the University of New Mexico and when she is not at school or on the mat she loves spending time with her friends, family and her dog Sandy!

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