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Kelly Carpenter

Kelly Carpenter

Kelly has been involved in the fitness industry for over 18 years. Her long-term love of exercise began in 1994 when she began teaching a fun-filled Jazzercise routine. She fell in love with the ability to move a room and it instantly began to shape her career in the fitness field.  Shortly after she found Jazzercise, Kelly began to expand her talents and became a personal trainer. It was during this time that she was exposed to her first Pilates class and the rest is history. She began studying the art of Pilates through the Physical Mind Institute in Tampa, FL with Charlotte Adinton-Weikel as her mentor. Through Pilates, her understanding and passion for the body ignited something deep in Kelly she had not experienced yet in the fitness field. She would come to find out that was her pelvic floor! She infused the fun-loving Jazzercise foundation with the core principles of Pilates to create an extraordinarily unique way of training for all fitness levels. Kelly moved to NM in 2001, where she took on the task of becoming a first-time studio owner (Body Wisdom Pilates in Rio Rancho, NM) and was simultaneously working for Physical Mind Institute as a training teacher and a test-out instructor.


Through the years, Kelly has taken the unique core control system to new levels, keeping the fundamentals of Pilates intact while remaining modern and enjoyable. Pilates Caliente is her brand of Pilates that utilizes the benefits of a heated room and combines it with the intense core work that awakens your body and lifts your spirits. The contagious exercise combined with the fun-filled atmosphere will keep you coming back for more. Whether you do private sessions, group sessions, or Pilates Caliente mat classes you are in for a one-of-a-kind experience that will change your body forever.

Kelly’s goal is to shape up Albuquerque one pelvic floor at a time. Along with her passion for sculpting bodies, Kelly loves to stay involved in the community. Her love for helping others is absolutely infectious. She has a strong involvement in Operation Smile and St. Jude's Children’s Hospital. Kelly has also recently become involved with A Light in the Night Foundation, helping meet the immediate needs of the homeless right here in Albuquerque. Kelly loves being a part of something bigger than her and is determined to truly make a difference. To experience true love you must serve others.... Lovelovelove

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