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Jynele Torres

Jynel Torres

Jynel found her personal yoga practice in 2008 and was inspired to become a teacher in 2013. Upon completing her 200-hour teacher training, she decided to make a life-changing decision and finish her marketing and communications degree at the University of New Mexico, while teaching yoga full-time. She has now graduated!


Jynel’s journey started at Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga, where she was invited by a friend. It was love at first sight and she knew that this would be a lifelong passion of hers. It’s been 8 years of practice and she will still humbly admit that she will forever be a student. “One day everything seems to flow, and then the next day you are challenged to your core…That’s what keeps me coming back, the change you find from within.”


Jynel infuses her passion for helping others in each class that she teaches. She loves to guide her students through a Vinyasa-inspired flow – moving body with breath.


Jynel offers private classes as well, so if you are interested or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call her at 505-917-6844.

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