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Jessica Surrock

Having a strong desire to help others, Jessica received her degree in Psychology from the University of New Mexico. After graduating, she realized the importance of a more holistic approach to healing and became employed as a therapy technician at an integrative health clinic. During that same time, Jessica was introduced to yoga and quickly fell in love with the practice. Her interest soon turned into a thirst for a deeper understanding, and an eagerness to share it with others. Jessica felt yoga would be the perfect complement to the eastern, western, alternative, and traditional therapies offered in the clinic. In 2011, she became a registered yoga teacher through the Sacred Hot Yoga Method. A perpetual student, she is always looking to expand her knowledge within the healing arts. Through Cross Country Education, Jessica attended a course in Yoga Therapy, granting her the ability to add yoga to patients' therapy regimens. Her experience allowed her to work directly with physical and occupational therapy patients, giving them the tools necessary to develop and maintain a happy, healthy, balanced life. Call Jessica to schedule your private session today!

Jessica's classes are always evolving to reflect her love and dedication to the practice. With her creative flows, expect to build strength, add balance, as well as increase flexibility in all areas of the body. Although her classes can be challenging, modifications are always given to ensure any level of practice can attend. Expect to end your practice feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in mind, body, and spirit!

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