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Daniel Friedlander 

Daniel found his way to yoga back in 2009. A life long athlete competing in wrestling, Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing and kickboxing he was drawn to the physical asanas of a yoga practice. Six years in and only viewing it as a physical practice a way to become more “flexible” but after a life altering tragedy it was the many other gifts yoga offers you that had Daniel wondering what else he could learn from YOGA.


Yoga has provided Daniel a peace and calm in a hectic world. Meditation and a daily practice has helped him to cope with depression, anxiety and grief and now he is passionate to help others see the many gifts a yoga practice can provide someone’s life.  His goal is for his students to find a place of calm and presence in the NOW by being mindful of their breath and body! Pausing the external stimulus for the practice and allowing a moment to just BE.  Breaking a sweat with a smile on your face.  When he’s not in yoga he’s running a small business with his family and always searching in ways he can help his community or grow as individual. Come check out a class with Daniel!

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