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Brianna Tapia

Brianna Tapia has always been passionate about physicality and self-healing. Brianna grew up dancing folklorico, ballet, and hip hop. After high school, she danced semi-pro and completed her degree in physical therapy. Although she loved the creative and intuitive aspects of dance as well as the therapeutic techniques she was learning through physical therapy she still felt a sense of lack in personal and professional life. Brianna began practicing hot yoga on a whim for the first time in 2015 and realized this was the mental connection she was unknowingly craving. It took Brianna 3 years after that to find Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga. Blissful amplified her love for yoga, and she started to feel a strong desire to share what she had learned through yoga with others. 


Completing her RYT 200 in 2020, Brianna proclaims herself to be a forever student. Particularly passionate about the mental health benefits that yoga has to offer and linking mindfulness/meditative techniques taught in yoga to everyday life. Her goal is to guide each student into a headspace where they can connect with their inner world and discover that they truly are their best teachers and healers on and off the mat.

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