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Brenda Baca

Brenda Baca is the owner of a fun and inviting metaphysical shop with something for every individual called Back Alley Brujas located in Old Town. “Silversmithing is a passion of mine and has become a form of meditation for me. It has helped me to dissolve the outside world and thought and create beautiful things that people can connect with learning!” Brenda loves to learn, teach, and share what she’s learned with her students and enjoys having a variety of skill sets so knowledge and information is essential. “Yoga has been my saving grace in life!” Yoga has taught Brenda patience not only with me, but with everything in her life. It has repaired her body from injury and has shown her how to release and let go, and live and be present in the moment. Brenda’s mat has become like home and every time she finds herself on my mat, she finds peace. Brenda believes helping people grow within their practice by instructing yoga is a privileged and joy. Her hope is to help others find their peace as her yogi mentors have helped me throughout the years. 

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