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Bella Shoats-Weaks

Bella Shoats-Weaks

Bella's yoga journey started to flourish once she found herself in a hot yoga class at Blissful Spirits. Being in this space, something clicked like a puzzle piece. Since starting her practice in the hot room she has said she cannot imagine her life without yoga, and the love and light her yoga practice has brought into her life.

Bella wants to share that love and light with our community and those who love the practice. With a passion for learning and growing, in 2022 she found herself craving to know more, which led her to the Blissful Spirits Teacher Training program. "Yoga has made me feel alive. I have endless gratitude for such a supportive environment that has given me the space to find more about myself every day. The intention I have adapted into my practice for myself and my students since I recently began teaching is “Focus and Soften;” focusing on the present moment while softening any tension mentally and physically. Teaching at Blissful Spirits is a dream come true and I absolutely love it!"


Look for Bella on the schedule and join her on the mat! 

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