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Sonia Arellano 

Sonia grew up in Albuquerque and enjoys walks along the beautiful Bosque, loves going for hikes in the Jemez Mountains as well as indulging in local New Mexican food and culture. She comes from a strong background in dance.


Sonia has completed her RTY 500 Yoga Training .Which was to her an eye opening experience, an awaking and enlightenment. Yoga presented itself as a sanctuary. Although, she entered yoga as many do to find a method of physical activity, she quickly found that yoga is so much more. It also challenged her mind and spirit. Yoga has helped her heal from past losses, life’s heartaches, and says it has helped her to find balance and self love.  Her teaching style is both strengthening and playful; she welcomes all ages to attend her classes, as she will encourage us to find the “Art of Happiness” our inner yogi. As her teacher said, “The meaning of life, Is to love your life”.