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Nicole Hightower

Nicole Laws was first introduced to hot yoga in May 2009. Immediately, yoga became a big part of her life and her livelihood. Prior to practicing yoga, Nicole was a pilates student for four years and an avid runner. However, she had not yet found her true passion until she found yoga. After attending a workshop by Jimmy Barkan in January 2010 Nicole was inspired to pursue her passion even further by signing up for the 2010 Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher Training. Nicole has a background in education and enjoys the teaching aspect just as much as the practice of yoga. She is excited to continue learning and growing as both a yoga teacher as well as a yoga student.


Yoga started as a physical practice for Nicole but through time has become more spiritual and meditative. “Yoga has opened my mind and heart to infinite possibilities.” Nicole is eager to share her love of yoga and devotion for the practice with her students and hopes to sweat with all of you soon!