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Mia Valdez

Mia Tynan

Mia has had a solid yoga practice for 10 years while learning to battle with an assortment of physical ailments, which eventually led to a diagnosis of Lupus. She started attending Blissful Spirits five years ago and fell in love with the benefits of hot yoga. She completed her 200-hour yoga Teacher Training in 2017 with Melanie and Denise here at Blissful Spirits. Mia has a profound love for practicing in the hot room because of the physical benefits, such as improved circulation, detoxification, and the overall ability to walk away from a practice understanding how to prevent stress from taking over.


Mia believes yoga is a natural state for human beings, but many things we do daily pull us away from that harmonious state. Yoga teaches us to be present. Yoga teaches us that everything we need is already within us. Yoga brings awareness into our physical bodies. Yoga helps us to realize when we are truly blooming and when we are living in the past. Our yoga journeys are all so very unique. Yoga challenges us in all the right ways. All things we learn on the mat transfer to our lives off the mat, in essence blending our yoga practice with our life outside of that time.


Mia has been a teacher for Albuquerque Public Schools since 2012. She has also created a Mindfulness+Movement program that she offers at the elementary school she works at. When she is not teaching 2nd grade or yoga she is spending time with her son, Hoffman.

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