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Lynnette Satriana

Lynnette Satriana has been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years. She fell in love with exercise at the age of 14 and began competing in fitness competitions by 18.  Her love for the body, its mechanics and insane ability to change and heal itself lead her to study Kinesiology, Sports Medicine, and Exercise Science obtaining Masters and Bachelor’s degrees. After graduating she moved to California and began to expand her interests specializing in healing and preventing injuries with Athletes of all sorts and continued her career as an Athletic Trainer incorporating Personal Training, and Physical and Aquatic Therapy in her programs. 


In 1996 while in Old town San Diego she stumbled onto her first Bikram hot yoga class and fell in love with how she felt. Still competing and active in sports Lynnette continued her yoga practice and began to see the dramatic healing changes in her own body and her life. Wanting to share her experience with others, in 2002 she attended Bikram Yoga teacher training. Shortly after Lynnette moved back to New Mexico and continued her practice at Bikram Yoga Albuquerque, and Hot Yoga downtown and a few years later Blissful Spirits opened and the rest is history.


Lynnette continues to expand her studies, and in addition earned her Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher training, Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Joe Bennett under Paul Greely, and Empowerment Movement with Kelly Green Certificates.  She has extensive knowledge of anatomy loves talking about the body, its healing abilities, proper alignment, and the benefits of the yoga postures. She continues to incorporate Hot Yoga/Yoga into her athletic training programs, and loves working with ALL levels of students and Athletes.  Lynnette loves telling her students, “If you fall out of a posture, laugh at yourself, be gentle with your inner self, and remember...there is no ego in yoga, it is your practice, you’re here for YOU!”


Lynnette wants to send these encouraging words to anyone that wants to try Hot Yoga for the first time,


“You don’t have to be flexible, an athlete, physically fit, thin, this, or that to do Yoga. Yoga is not a competition, about your ego, what you look like, or being perfect in any posture. It’s about the journey... the rest is just a bonus!”