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Tibi Scheflow

Tibi started “doing” yoga about 20 years ago.  Having been a dancer through college and always dedicated to fitness, yoga became a part of her fitness routine practicing at some wonderful NYC studios but most often at her gym as a compliment to other classes.  In 2014, after a year of living in New Mexico without any physical fitness, given her circumstances, she found Blissful Spirits and fully embarrassed yoga.  It was a blessing that would carry her forward to this point where she can now share and teach. Blissful became the answer to so many of her needs even when she didn’t know it. It was her release, support and inspiration through a very difficult period.  In 2016 she enrolled in teacher training at Sweat Yoga studio.  Upon graduating life presented quite a few challenges but Blissful did what it does: continued to give support, empathy without question and general “OK-ness” to continue on.  


Tibi is realizing a long time goal of teaching and sharing at the studio that held her hand and yes often literally carried her when she could not find her grounding through the most difficult time of her life. She is honored and blessed to be able to teach at Blissful and share the undefinable strength it has given her.  


Yoga is a mirror of our lives. What we see, feel, learn, experience, and glean in the mirror of our mats; we can create in every other part of our lives going forward.