Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga
4300 Paseo del Norte
(505) 688-7772
Rio Rancho
1400 Jackie Rd #104
(505) 896-7777

Lily A

If you want to feel great for 2014 then do Hot Yoga at Blissful Spirits. I tried hot yoga to lose weight but soon found out that losing 20 lbs. was just an added benefit! I feel so good after each class and surprisingly energetic. Hot Yoga nourishes my mind, body and soul in each and every class I attend. The music is calming and soothing, the re-affirmations the instructors give are inspiring and I can't believe how it's increased my balance. I also feel like it removes any toxins I develop in my body which probably explains why I feel so good afterwards. I started with Warm & Gentle with Becky Shorty, who is an awesome instructor, and I really like the way they taylor the poses to my abilities. I now enjoy Hot Yoga, Yin Yang and Pilates and love the variety, it never gets routine! There is a class for everyone from the beginner to intermediate to advanced classes. I like both the Albuq. & Rio Rancho studios, whichever fits in my schedule. Thank you Blissful Spirits for offering the 90 day challenge that prompted me to try hot yoga. I'm hooked! I hear they are starting another one coming up here in January, so try it and I'll bet you won't regret it. I didn't especially when I saw those 20 lbs disappear!
Lily A