Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga
4300 Paseo del Norte
(505) 688-7772
Rio Rancho
1400 Jackie Rd #104
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Will D

About 3 years ago I was near the end of my rope with chronic and acute back pain caused by degenerative disc disease, with several vertebrae rubbing bone on bone. Chiropractors made the pain worse and I was nearly completely non-functional. Someone suggested I try Hot Yoga so I wandered into Blissful Spirits as an overweight middle aged nearly broken construction worker, and walked out with hope. I could go on and on about the ensuing weight loss, core strength, flexibility, relief from pain amongst the many benefits of my hot yoga practice (my back doctor was amazed), but what I really want to acknowledge is the incredible blessing that came into my life when I met Melanie and her yoga studio. Her big heart and desire to give back through yoga has changed my life forever. Thanks!
Will D