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Susy Gomez


I am writing to you because I want others to know what a wonderful person and healer that you are, so I am going to share my story. I hope it helps someone. You have such a gift, Denise.

Last year on March 26, I was walking my dogs when I tripped over a piece of concrete that was on an abandoned lot in my neighborhood. I was coming out of the lot onto the sidewalk. My knee split in two when it hit the concrete. The emergency unit came out first – cute firemen; then the ambulance. It was my first ambulance ride (and last I hope!). They patched me up in emergency and I had surgery the following Monday. By the following Friday, I had a cast from ankle to thigh. It was my best friend for a month. With the first brace and then the cast, my leg was immobile for five weeks. By the time I went to my first physical therapy appointment on May 9, my knee was pretty much frozen in place. My doctor assigned me to Creative Therapy where I met Shawn Dobsen, a most wonderful physical therapist. I do have to put in a plug for Shawn and everyone who works at Creative Therapy. It is a wonderful, positive place where Shawn was patient with me, and helped me tremendously. I decided to try Yoga when my therapy was over. That’s when I met you. You were a Yoga instructor at Creative Therapy at the time. You introduced me to the wonderful world of Yoga.

I was functional after physical therapy, but I still couldn’t bend my knee more than 110 degrees, which makes for a lousy Yoga student. You were so patient with me. If there was something that I couldn’t do, you took time to show me another pose that I could do. You were always aware of my limitations, as well as others who came to your class with their limitations. Not having full mobility was not acceptable to me. Even though I will be 60 years old this year, I did not think I needed to have a knee that did not work properly – and you agreed!

I have now discovered Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga, I absolutely love it. It’s taken me to the next level in my quest for full mobility. I am now at 140 degrees. The positive attitudes of all the instructors at Blissful Spirits is such a blessing. I improve with each session. And you, Denise, are a very special blessing for anyone who is struggling with the kind of injury that takes time and dedication to overcome. If anyone is curious about your ability to improve a physical condition through Yoga, just send them to me. I can tell them my story and how very fortunate I am to have been led to you and ultimately Bliss Spirits in my path of recovery. You have a gift and I think you are using it in the right way. So, I just want to say Thank You for all that you have done for me. I know that you will help many others as well.

Your friend,
Susy Gomez