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James Padilla

Dear Blissful Spirits Staff,

I was re-introduced to the practice of Yoga back in January of 2014 by my colleague at work. I attended a warm and gentle class instructed by the amazingly talented Melanie St. Georges and I have to say that I was immediately hooked. Before I encountered the amazing practices at Bliss I was very displeased with many facets of my life. I knew I had to start making some changes and one of them in regards to my health. I was severely obese, morbidly so by medical standards, and lethargic all the time. It was because of this my colleague suggested I try Yoga, after the introduction I knew I wanted to continue so I purchased the Groupon and attended two Warm and Gentle classes a week. After several weeks of this I decided it was time to increase my practice and I began taking the Hot Yoga class with Jessica Surrock and this is when my new Yoga addiction began. The energy presented was so contagious that I craved more, what was so exhilarating about it was that I felt energized, yet relaxed. I have since incorporated several other classes into my schedule and attend a class at Bliss at least 5 days out the week. All the instructors are terrific and each has a very special way of instructing. The best part is I never feel intimidated either by the staff nor the fellow Bliss students, especially since I had extra weight to contend with. Now 6 months and a full membership later, I have a better understanding of my body, I have more flexibility, I feel more relaxed and tranquil, and I am also 56 lbs. lighter. I am feeling amazing and this is largely due to the wonderful support I have received from everyone at Blissful Spirits Yoga Studio. So with this I want to thank everyone involved at Bliss; I wish I could list everyone’s’ names but truly the entire staff at Bliss has been amazing, thank you for accepting me and allowing me to bring the practice of yoga into my life, Namaste.
James Padilla