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Mia Maria

My YTT experience with Melanie and Denise has no doubt changed my life for the better. Melanie and Denise are a kismet partnership, a ying and a yang, and together they unveil a phenomenal depth of information, years of practice and teaching, while also allowing each individual student to be themselves. The one month intensive training was perfectly laid out, where foundational skills were built as a base and additional layers were added throughout the four weeks.

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Suzie R

Hello! I am hoping that this email gets to management or whoever is in charge at Blissful Spirits letting you know (if you didn't already) what a gem you have with Erika Sanchez! She is a PHENOMENAL instructor and has helped me fall so in love with my yoga practice. Erika is challenging but encouraging and I enjoy each and every single one of her classes! Her energy is enlightening and so contagious! Anyway, I just wanted to send in a positive and appreciative note to your wonderful establishment and acknowledge such an awesome asset to your team. Keep up the great work!

James Padilla

I was re-introduced to the practice of Yoga back in January of 2014 by my colleague at work. I attended a warm and gentle class instructed by the amazingly talented Melanie St. Georges and I have to say that I was immediately hooked. Before I encountered the amazing practices at Bliss I was very displeased with many facets of my life. I knew I had to start making some changes and one of them in regards to my health.

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Tim T

Hello Blissfull Spirits,

Just a quick not to say Thank You.

I just finished my 8th session and want you all to know how much my life has improved over the last 3 weeks. The chronic back pain I have had for the last 38 years is getting better and better. My stress level is way down! It has become much easier for me to stay in my positive, optimistic mode, in spite of all the challenges life has thrown at me in the last year.

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I can't tell you how much Blissful Spirits has helped me this year. Here are some of the things I feel about it and some encouraging words for potential or new students. Feel free to use as much or as little of this as you thing would be helpful.

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Jon D

I started doing hot yoga at Bliss 10 months ago after I had just been told I have Type II diabetes. After 4 months I had lost 10 lbs. and my blood sugar was back to normal - this was without any change to my diet. I have now lost a total of 20 lbs. I have not been at this weight for over 20 years, and I have never had the kind of muscle tone I have now.

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Heather N

I started going to Blissful Spirits a little over a year ago and it has completely changed my life. I had just had my third child and was 216 pounds. I was in a horible marriage and not really in the mindset of loving myself. I started going about once a week and instantly fell in love. I took Merediths class and she did such a great job of making me feel great about who I was, at the place in my life that I was.

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Sally Price-Brittenham

My first yoga class ever was on Valentines Day 2010. A co-worker convinced me to give it a try and I truly fell in love. I was never into the gym scene, so I had some reservations, but the atmosphere at Blissful Spirits was so welcoming that it made me want to be there all the time. I was getting close to turning 50 and witnessed older relatives struggle with simply getting in and out of a car or walking across a parking lot.

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Will D

About 3 years ago I was near the end of my rope with chronic and acute back pain caused by degenerative disc disease, with several vertebrae rubbing bone on bone. Chiropractors made the pain worse and I was nearly completely non-functional. Someone suggested I try Hot Yoga so I wandered into Blissful Spirits as an overweight middle aged nearly broken construction worker, and walked out with hope.

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Susy Gomez


I am writing to you because I want others to know what a wonderful person and healer that you are, so I am going to share my story. I hope it helps someone. You have such a gift, Denise.

Last year on March 26, I was walking my dogs when I tripped over a piece of concrete that was on an abandoned lot in my neighborhood. I was coming out of the lot onto the sidewalk. My knee split in two when it hit the concrete.

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