Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga
4300 Paseo del Norte
(505) 688-7772
Rio Rancho
1400 Jackie Rd #104
(505) 896-7777

Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

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$3,000 before 10/1/2018. $3,200 after 10/1/2018

Training Will Include:

  • A set hot yoga-sequence including the tools to modify and amplify each posture.
  • A separate Yin Training will be included covering all postures, providing the tools to teach six different Yin sequences.
  • The ability to implement the use of weights in your teachings.
  • Understanding of both the physical and energetic body's anatomy.
  • A journey into yoga's history.
  • Sadhana (spiritual practice) will be done on most days throughout the training including Kirtan (chanting) and meditation.
  • Proper approach to hands-on adjustments. How to incorporate essential oils into your classes. Daily practice with lead instructors.


Oct. 20th-21st | 8am-6pm
Oct. 25th | 6pm-8pm
Oct. 27th-28th | 8am-6pm
Nov. 8th | 6pm-8pm
Nov. 10th-11th | 8am-6pm
Nov. 15th | 6pm-8pm
Nov. 17th-18th | 8am-6pm
Jan. 12th-13th | 8am-6pm
Jan. 19th-20th | 8am-6pm
Mar. 28th | 6pm-8pm
Mar. 30th | Final Practicum
*This schedule is subject to small changes