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Albuquerque Hot Yoga Trainers

Albuquerque Hot Yoga Trainers - Blissful Spirits

Melanie St. Georges  — Owner

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Melanie first began practicing Bikram Yoga but after almost a year wanted more. She than discovered The Barkan Method Of Hot Yoga and she knew that she wanted to share this style of Yoga with the World. She became a Certified Instructor and opened Blissful Spirits Yoga Studio.

Denise Gonzales  — Manager

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Denise was able to heal many aspects of her life through positive affirmations and her yoga practice. During her training, she decided to take a leap of faith and leave the career path she had been on to pursue her teaching, in hopes of spreading the positive message Yoga carries. As an instructor and Lululemon yoga ambassador, Denise encourages people from all walks of life to come experience the life changing positive energy yoga has to offer.

Julie Allen

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Growing up as a gymnast, Julie always had a talent for standing on her head and hands! However, it wasn’t until later that she discovered the art and healing power of yoga. In 2015, after 9 years of yoga practice, she invested in herself and completed the Barkan Method 200 Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training. Julie loves to share her passion for fitness, music, humor and yoga with everyone who walks through the door. She believes that leading by example is most beneficial; and that mental and physical strength, combined with flexibility is the key to a long and healthy life. Julie hopes to see you on the mat soon!

Sonia Arellano

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Sonia grew up in Albuquerque and enjoys walks along the beautiful Bosque, loves going for hikes in the Jemez Mountains as well as indulging in local New Mexican food and culture. She comes from a strong background in dance. She has completed her RTY 200 Yoga Training .Which was to her an eye opening experience, an awaking and enlightenment. Yoga presented itself as a sanctuary. Although, she entered yoga as many do to find a method of physical activity, she quickly found that yoga is so much more. It also challenged her mind and spirit. Yoga has helped her heal from past losses, life’s heartaches, and says it has helped her to find balance and self love. Her teaching style is both strengthening and playful; she welcomes all ages to attend her classes, as she will encourage us to find the “Art of Happiness” our inner yogi. As her teacher said, “The meaning of life, Is to love your life”.

Sue Bastian

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Sue Bastian was first a professional singer, studying opera and living and performing in Europe for 20 years. Her marriage to theologian Michael Bastian in Germany brought healing and music together and she developed a ministry of sacred song while raising 3 children. When the family moved to the USA, yoga fit in seamlessly, as Sue says, “uniting mind, soul, and body.”

She led “Sacred Song” workshops for yoga teacher trainings for several years while practicing Bikram and Hot Yoga until she decided to become a Sacred Hot Yoga instructor herself. Since 2013, Sue has been working as a yoga instructor as well as a musician and she specializes in Healing, Christ-centric, and Power Yoga.

Fiona Breslin

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Fiona Breslin has always lived a very active lifestyle. Between track, gymnastics, cross country, and cheer she finally began to wear down her body. In 2014 she was taken to a hot yoga class and instantly fell in love with the practice of asana and how it made her feel.

After constantly practicing for awhile she began to want to branch out and learn more about the practice. The opportunity came up to take the Barkan Method teacher training, finishing her certification in August 2015. Planning on many more teacher trainings, loving the invigorating feeling she gets teaching and learning about the beautiful practice of asana. From hot yoga all the way to elderly chair yoga, Fiona feels honored to get the chance to give people the opportunity to have the same wonderful experience yoga has given her. She enjoys working with all types of people, offering modifications but also extending help to work advance postures. Fiona is an arm balance junkie and your normally find her on her hands more then her feet.

Kelly Carpenter

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Kelly Carpenter has been involved in the fitness industry for over 18 years. Her long term love of exercise began in 1994 when she began teaching a fun filled Jazzercise routine. Kelly fell in love with the ability to move a room and it instantly began to shape her career in the fitness field. At the time, she was living in Orlando and raising two beautiful daughters. Shortly after she found Jazzercise, Kelly began to expand her talents and became a personal trainer. It was during this time that she was exposed to her first Pilates class and the rest is history. She began studying the art of Pilates through Physical Mind Institute in Tampa, FL with Charlotte Adinton-Weikel as her mentor. Through Pilates, her understanding and passion of the body ignited something deep in Kelly she had not experienced yet in the fitness field. She would come to find out that was her pelvic floor! She infused the fun loving Jazzercise foundation with the core principles of Pilates to create an extraordinarily unique way of training to all fitness levels. Kelly moved to NM in 2001, where she took on the task of becoming a first time studio owner (Body Wisdom Pilates in Rio Rancho, NM) and was simultaneously working for Physical Mind Institute as a training teacher and a test out instructor. Through the years, Kelly has taken the unique core control system to new levels, keeping the fundamentals of Pilates intact while remaining modern and enjoyable. Pilates Caliente is her brand of Pilates that utilizes the benefits of a heated room and combines it with the intense core work that awakens your body and lifts your spirits. The contagious exercise combined with the fun filled atmosphere will keep you coming back for more. Whether you do private sessions, group sessions, or Pilates Caliente mat classes you are in for a one of a kind experience that will change your body forever. Kelly’s goal is to shape up Albuquerque one pelvic floor at a time. Along with her passion for sculpting bodies, Kelly loves to stay involved in the community. Her love for helping others is absolutely infectious. She has a strong involvement in Operation Smile and St. Jude's Children’s Hospital. Kelly has also recently become involved with A Light in the Night Foundation, helping meet the immediate needs of the homeless right here in Albuquerque. Kelly loves being a part of something bigger than her and is determined to truly make a difference. To experience true love you must serve others.... Lovelovelove

Heather J. Christ-Lakin, D.B.A.

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Heather loves yoga and wants to share the health benefits (mind, body & soul) with the world. She graduated from Barkan Method Hot Yoga teacher training in August 2015 and recently completed Empower Movement’s intermediate/advanced hot fusion training in February 2016. In her classes, using essential oils, Heather focuses on integrating mind, body and soul.

Heather loves to run. Heather ran competitively in high school and college in both cross country and track and field. She practiced ballet for 9 years when she was 5 years old. She has been running for 37 years (both competitively and non-competitively. She realized that in order to be able to run for the rest of her life, she needed yoga. She has been a triathlete/cyclist and yogi for 6 years.

Heather received her Bachelor’s in Economics from University of California at San Diego, with a minor in Law & Society. She earned her Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Tax Accounting from University of New Mexico. She currently works full-time at Sandia National Laboratories as corporate tax program leader.

In 2010, Heather received her Doctorate in Business Administration from the University Of Phoenix School Of Advanced Studies; the subject of her dissertation is spiritual intelligence and transformational leadership. She presented the results of her dissertation at Toward a Science of Consciousness 2011 conference in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been invited to attend the World Congress on Excellence in Sports and Life in Kosovo. She has been invited to study at the Oxford Academy for Total Intelligence with Danah Zohar.

Her research interests include expanding the research on spiritual intelligence/transformational leadership and mind-body-spirit health and wellness. She is particularly interested in the role of the mind in performance at all levels and ages (in the business world, athletics, and at a personal level).

She believes that yoga assists in the development of spiritual intelligence (another passion of hers).

Mariah Galaz

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Offering a blend of techniques, Mariah strives to provide a beneficial and nurturing experience for every body, on every level. With continuous study in anatomy, physiology, dance, and many forms of yoga, her classes offer a diverse and attainable blend of techniques and forms. These classes provide a nurturing space filled with light-hearted nature of joy, bliss, curiosity, and an attitude of self-love. Come stretch your personal strengths and re-discover yourself by enjoying the art of movement.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

‐ Hippocrates

Jenni Gallegos

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I began my yoga practice in 2011, earning my RYT 200 certification in 2014. With a background in both classical and modern dance, I am always on the lookout for new hobbies and activities that challenge me physically. Having tried every sport from snowboarding to rock climbing, I finally found a discipline that incorporated the flow, movement, creativity, and expressiveness that inspired me as a dancer when I discovered vinyasa yoga. What I didn’t realize was that I was beginning a journey of self-study that would permeate my daily life by way of mindfulness, gratitude, stillness, peace, and love. The flow, breath, and structural alignment enable you to come closer to your personal edge each time you return to the mat. I continue to hone my skills and expand my yogic knowledge by engaging in multiple classes in different disciplines and under diverse tutelage, as well as maintaining an open mind and striving always to broaden my knowledge and experiences both in and out of the yoga studio. My intention as an instructor is to create a space for students to get in touch with their creativity and passion; from this place, all things are possible.

Christina Garcia

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Christina first discovered yoga in 2009 when faced with an injury. Not only did she find healing but she also found it helped her with depression and in managing weight gain. Wanting to encourage others to find their own healing in mind, body and soul, Christina became a certified 225 hour teacher in 2012 through Holy Yoga and teaches faith based classes using affirmations from the Bible. She is certified to teach yogalates and trauma-sensitive yoga classes, and in 2014 she became a certified Revelation Wellness group fitness instructor. Passionate about fitness, Christina’s style is filled with energy and she combines cardio, strength and stretching to create yoga fusion classes.

Stephanie Hall

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Stephanie found hot yoga after a car accident in 2008 left her with a bolt in her hip and an intramedullary rod in her femur. She found the perfect balance of mental/physical challenge and rehabilitation when she began practicing hot yoga. After her first Blissful Spirits class on April 11, 2011, she was addicted. She practiced at Blissful for years before attaining her own certification, and is thrilled to be teaching at her yoga home. Stephanie received her 200-hour training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Although she doesn’t teach the traditional Ashtanga series, she was deeply influenced by the precision that practicing Ashtanga yoga instilled in her. Her yoga classes feature creative yoga sequences and transitions, an injection of fresh poses, lots of variation, with optional hands-on adjustments and incorporation of essential oils. Her sculpt classes incorporate personal attunement to bhandas and breathing with a challenging strength training, cardiovascular and interval training exercises that can be modified and amplified, making every class tailored to each individual person’s needs and level of practice. Stephanie is eager to share her passion for yoga with her practitioners.

Angela Hanchett

Contact image Angela has been involved in the fitness and dance industry for almost 20 years. From aerobics to balletto most currently, yoga, she loves and appreciates all aspects of fitness and dance. She discoveredPilates in 2004 and found that it complemented her dancing experience. Angela instantly added thepractice into her weekly life. In 2013, she became Pilates certified through Movement Studios in alllevels of Mat exercise. In November 2013, Angela trained with an L.A. dancer and Pilates instructorto become certified in Barre Conditioning. She is the mom of two beautiful children and a wife whounderstands the balance we all strive for in our daily lives. Angela’s biggest desire is to share herpassion of fitness while helping people learn to live a more healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.Angela’s classes are fun, upbeat and welcoming to all levels.

Kathy Hein

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Kathy has always been active in sports but running was what she enjoyed the most. As her body began to get the best of her she searched to find something new, Blissful Spirits was it. She walked into the studio, tried a class and was hooked! While continuing her yoga practice, Kathy’s daughter introduced her to the world of CrossFit, and the two fitness routines clicked. Yoga is a great complement to CrossFit as it helps athletes with mobility, balance and state of mind. Moving forward with both fitness routines, it became important to Kathy to share the physical benefits of yoga. Yoga has the ability to enhance any activity you choose, from helping you get your overhead squat, touching your toes, or just calming your mind.

One of the best decisions she made was investing in herself by becoming certified in the Barkan Method, and choosing to always advance her yoga education. Kathy now has the pleasure of sharing with confidence the joy and benefits of yoga. Yoga is investing in yourself, "one mat one you". Just let that inner light shine through with every breath!

Katie Herman

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Katie began her yoga journey in 2009. She was hooked. After practicing for a few years, she decided to become an instructor and attended the Barkan Method Hot Yoga training in Florida in the summer of 2012. She has a background in elementary education, teaches yoga to children, and she is an organizer and running coach for USA Fit RIO.

Katie feels that yoga is life changing! It has helped her in so many ways; she is more confident, calmer, and has become a stronger person both mentally and physically. Katie’s yoga classes offer a great blend of flexibility and strength with a focus on breathing and calming the mind. It is perfect for all abilities. She encourages you to expand your practice by attending all of the wonderful classes that Blissful Spirits offers.

~Namaste~ “The light in me, honors the light in you.”

Brittany Jaeger

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Brittany found yoga about 10 years ago and was immediately hooked! After practicing for about 7 years, she knew it was time for her to become a teacher herself. She spent 31 days in an Ashram in the Bahamas to study Sivinanda yoga. That month was quite possibly the most challenging time of her life, both mentally and physically; but she is forever grateful for all it taught her. Being able to share the gift of yoga with her students at Blissful Spirits, CrossFit Albuquerque, the community at Hyder Park, and now Casa Rondena Winery, has brought so much happiness and energy to her life. As the manager of Lululemon Athletica ABQ Uptown, she makes it her goal to talk about the benefits of yoga with her guests on a daily basis. "I love teaching yoga. I love sharing yoga. I love yoga."

Michelle Jio

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Michelle began taking hot yoga classes at Blissful Spirits in 2011. When the studio later added TRX suspension training to the class schedule, it was a welcome addition to her weekly workout routine. Michelle later decided to become certified in TRX suspension training in order to share this fun, yet challenging workout with others. Suspension training workouts can be tailored to any level of fitness, rendering them an exciting and viable option for all.

Gena Lahar

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Gena has always had a passion for personal fitness and has trained in numerous styles for over 25 years. After years of long distance running and high impact exercise, her body began to feel the effects. She began practicing yoga consistently in 2013. She was amazed at how yoga not only healed her physical ailments, but also increased balance in all areas of her life. Hooked on yoga and excited to share the benefits of practice with others, she completed the Level 1 Barkan Method of Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Jimmy Barkan in 2015. She is also a qualified TRX suspension trainer instructor. Gena has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, and incorporates her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to create dynamic, balanced strength and flexibility classes for all levels.

Nicole Laws

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Nicole Laws was first introduced to hot yoga in May 2009. Immediately, yoga became a big part of her life and her livelihood. Prior to practicing yoga, Nicole was a pilates student for four years and an avid runner. However, she had not yet found her true passion until she found yoga. After attending a workshop by Jimmy Barkan in January 2010 Nicole was inspired to pursue her passion even further by signing up for the 2010 Barkan Method Hot Yoga Teacher Training. Nicole has a background in education and enjoys the teaching aspect just as much as the practice of yoga. She is excited to continue learning and growing as both a yoga teacher as well as a yoga student. Yoga started as a physical practice for Nicole but through time has become more spiritual and meditative. “Yoga has opened my mind and heart to infinite possibilities.” Nicole is eager to share her love of yoga and devotion for the practice with her students and hopes to sweat with all of you soon!

Kimberly Lewis

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I am mama, educator, artist, folk herbalist, nature lover, fire keeper and yoga movement therapist. I have a BA in socio-cultural anthropology + fine arts and an MEd. in multi-cultural education. I have been a dual-language elementary school teacher on the US-Mexico border, taught ceramics, ephemeral art and sculpture, and was a vice-principal and instructor at Laxmi International School in Gujarat, India. Additionally I have worked with non-profits, developing and coordinating educational curriculum, programs and outreach, as well as grant writing, media and marketing. I came to yoga around a decade ago, and fell in love with it as it began to holistically transform my life, I made the transition to teaching yoga in 2012. I have over 800 hours of training and am currently an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance, and an AyurYoga (Ayurvedic Yoga) Wellness Counselor.

I am an avid seeker and life-long student always continuing my studies in healing modalities with various teachers. My journey into the healing arts began with yoga training in Shiva Rea’s Prana Flow ® Energetic Vinyasa. Through this certification, I learned the healing power of movement and that a whole body experience can bring transformation by unifying the practitioner with the bliss of embodiment in yoga practice. I learned the importance of evolution of postures in practice, allowing students to safely explore the limits of their practice, and the alchemy of sequencing. I found that alignment becomes a powerful tool of healing when a student is awakened to the ancient yogic practice of working with the vayus, or energetic movements in the body, and that yoga practice can be a movement meditation in which you lose yourself in the flow.

I continued my training with Dr. Vasant Lad and Maria Garre at the world renowned Ayurvedic Institute. In my 500 hour certification to become an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Wellness Counselor, I was awakened to the therapeutic power of yoga and ayurveda as sister sciences. I gained clinical skills in Ayurvedic anatomy, disease pathogenesis, subtle therapies, clinical assessment and examination as well as treatment protocols integrating yoga techniques, marma therapy (acupressure) and ayurvedic theory to offer individualized consultations for complete health and vitality.

I also study herbalism with various teachers, and I have completed my Clinical Herbalism Certification through the University of New Mexico with Sonia Masocco. Through the lense of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism, I continue learning the energetics and application of herbs from these traditions and how herbal healing can be brought into the western medical model, to safely support allopathic treatments.

I live in the high desert foothills of Albuquerque with my partner Cameron, our son, Niko, and our animals.

Kyle Linzer

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Kyle began his study of yoga as a freshman in college and has now been teaching both the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga for more than 20 years. His formal training includes a 200 hour teacher certification in the Vinyasa style through White Lotus Yoga. He also holds a Masters Degree in Eastern Classics from St. Johns College, and attended UC Berkeley in a Ph. D. program in comparative Hindu/Buddhist studies. He has taught yoga and Eastern Religions for the University of New Mexico and TVI/CNMCC. He started the yoga/Pilates program for Rio Rancho High School, and then the dance, yoga, and Pilates programs at Cleveland High School, also in Rio Rancho. He currently teaches over 35 dance, yoga, and Pilates classes a week at Cleveland High School, Defined Fitness, the Placitas Fire station, and Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga. He also guest teaches for various resorts in Jamaica. As a dancer with the New Mexico Ballet Company and Festival Ballet Albuquerque as well as a yoga practitioner, Kyle is able to address the needs of dancers, athletes, and any others needing to work on developing core strength, balance, and flexibility.

Donna Marlow

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A lifelong lover of sports and physical activity, Donna found her way to a mat in 2006. She was immediately addicted to the physical and mental challenges yoga brought to her life. She continued to practice and eventually gave in to the voice within her telling her to become a teacher. Donna received her 200 hour CYT certification and began teaching in early 2014. Donna brings her high-energy and fun-loving spirit to all her classes. She loves her ability to share her love and passion for yoga with students of all ages and levels. She especially loves to challenge her students to go beyond what they think they are physically capable of doing. Donna teaches a variety of classes at varying levels from warm and gentle to hot yoga sculpt. No matter what class you take, you are guaranteed to get your blood pumping and body moving.

Dave Mayberry

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From running, bike touring/racing, biathlons, triathlons, and quadrathlons, Dave has tested himself from minutes to days. All the miles took their toll and he gave up most things for over ten years. Starting with Bikram and now certified through Jimmy Barkan, hot yoga has allowed him to get back to his "normal" life. Always believing the mind and body are far more powerful that we give it credit, he encourages all of us to test ourselves both mentally and physically.

Discouraging “No” as a response to a question of ability, Dave prefers, "Not today"

Leslie Sanchez

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Leslie first began her practice in college and still remembers the very first Virabhadrasana II(Warrior II) that she held for over 2 minutes. "It was both easy and challenging at the same time. I knew at that point that yoga would change my life, I just didn’t know how much." After being introduced to hot yoga in 2011 she found her true passion in her practice. She recently completed her RYT 200hr training at HYDT and plans to become certified in Yin Yoga spring 2017. Yoga has been a grounding force within her life and she believes anyone can benefit from practicing yoga – body, mind and spirit. Leslie is also a mother of 3 and works full time at a local nonprofit.

Breeze Sansom

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Breeze Sansom has been a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance since January 2012, completing the Sacred Hot Yoga Method teacher training in December 2011. Her personal practice began over 6 years ago and what started as a new workout quickly became a healthy habit.

She specializes in the fundamentals of yoga, focusing on the physical and emotional benefits of each pose. As the body and environment are constantly changing, she encourages each student to be accepting of how they’re feeling and what their body is capable of in this moment.

Physically, she focuses on proper alignment in postures and likes to offer modifications as stepping stones to achieving the full expression of each pose. Breeze hopes to help others connect with their inner strength, and find peace of mind and healing through their yoga practice.

Valerie Selinger

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After many years of dancing, cheerleading, and long distance running, Valerie attended her first hot yoga class as a response to an injury that wouldn’t allow her to run for quite some time. Within minutes of her first class, she realized that she’d stumbled upon something that would have a long lasting impact on her life. After three years of regular practice, she couldn’t resist the desire to complete her yoga teacher training and to share the gift of yoga with as many people as possible.

Valerie teaches a variety of classes, from relaxing Yin Yoga, to challenging Vinyasa Flow. Her classes are continually evolving and focus on sharing the unique energy created by each of her students. Above all else, Valerie considers herself a perpetual student and is constantly striving to expand her knowledge and personal practice.

Jessica Surrock

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Having a strong desire to help others, Jessica received her degree in Psychology from the University of New Mexico. After graduating,she realized the importance of a more holistic approach to healing and became employed as a therapy technician at an integrative health clinic. During that same time, Jessica was introduced to yoga and quickly fell in love with the practice. Her interest soon turned into a thirst for a deeper understanding, and an eagerness to share it with others. Jessica felt yoga would be the perfect complement to the eastern, western, alternative, and traditional therapies offered in the clinic. In 2011, she became a registered yoga teacher through the Sacred Hot Yoga Method. A perpetual student, she is always looking to expand her knowledge within the healing arts. Through Cross Country Education, Jessica attended a course in Yoga Therapy, granting her the ability to add yoga to patients' therapy regimens. Her experience allowed her to work directly with physical and occupational therapy patients, giving them the tools necessary to develop and maintain a happy, healthy, balanced life. Call Jessica to schedule your private session today!

Jessica's classes are always evolving to reflect her love and dedication to the practice. With her creative flows, expect to build strength, add balance, as well as increase flexibility in all areas of the body. Although her classes can be challenging, modifications are always given to ensure any level of practice can attend. Expect to end your practice feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in mind, body, and spirit!

Jynel Torres

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Jynel found her personal yoga practice in 2008, and was inspired to become a teacher in 2013. Upon completing her 200-hour teacher training, she decided to make a life changing decision and leave her career behind to delve further into her passion by going back to school for nutrition and health education. With this degree she plans to apply to the University of New Mexico Physical Therapy program where she intends to incorporate her yoga background. You will find that Jynel infuses her passion for helping others in each class that she teaches. Her classes range from peaceful and relaxing to energetic and vinyasa inspired.